And the Winners ARE…

here is the list of raffle tickets that won, if you see your number come in to get your prize! We will be calling each of you Tuesday and Thursday evenings this week. Winners 0569010 & 0569023  Winner: 0569  Winner: 0569027 & 0569016  Winner: 0569002  Winner: 0569005, 0569004, 0569040, 0569033  Winner: 0569020  Winner: 0569007

Amazon Wishlist

Amazon Wishlist If you are so inclined to help out our little community clinic in the way of a gift please check out what we are in need of above. We love how our community has come together to bring the clinic back after the flood this last August. Much love to all of you!

Grand Reopening Raffle item: Gemstone Chakra Necklace – Heart Strong

Gemstone Chakra Necklace – Heart Strong All genuine gemstone beads with copper. 17″ long with toggle clasp. Malachite: Balances, cleans and quickly opens the heart chakra. Amplifies energies. Protects against negative energies and emotions and opens you to love. Encourages positivity and the expression of feelings. Enhances the quality of your relationships. Brings optimism, positivity, Read more about Grand Reopening Raffle item: Gemstone Chakra Necklace – Heart Strong[…]

Look who moved in at Rooted!

via GIPHY   Last week a few new additions moved into our clinic.  We have 8 stuffed animals we call “Stuffins” that you can choose from to snuggle up with during your treatment.  Much like stuffed animals may have provided comfort to us as kids; Stuffins could provide you with added comfort during your treatment Read more about Look who moved in at Rooted![…]

How does Acupuncture Work?

This article from My Republica has a great explanation of how acupuncture works. The following is an important clarification I would make about the article… The two sides of our body energy are, in fact, called yin and yang–not “ying” and yang as the article calls them. Furthermore, the description of them as yin[g] being “negative” Read more about How does Acupuncture Work?[…]