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March RootLetter


vol 1, issue 4


Paying attention to your body

with Meditation, Grounding, and Journaling

As we go through our day, it is easy to focus all of our attention on our daily tasks.  When we do that, however, it is also easy to unknowingly detach from what our body is feeling.  In this way, we unintentionally ignore our bodies subtle indications that it needs something. This can lead to severe pain, chronic illness as well as other dis-ease in the body.  There are several ways you can learn to check in with your body. Meditation throughout the day, along with reminders on your phone or work calendar is a great way to do a quick check in with your body.  Start at your feet, and work your way up to your head, making note of what you are feeling. This way, you can address it during your next acupuncture appointment

———here is a link to a guided meditation to touch base with your body.———–

Grounding is a great way to be more aware of your body, mind, spirit, and feelings.  There are many ways to ground yourself. Baking and cooking are great ways and convenient because it typically needs to be done.  However, it is best done with minimal distractions. Touching trees or plants provides grounding as you touch nature. Walking around barefoot outside is also a great way.  I encourage you to choose one and give it try. There may be some methods that work better for you than others, so it is a good idea to try different ones.

——–look for future posts to dive further into Grounding and all the ways it may be done.———

The simple act of journaling is another great way to ground yourself and to be more aware of what is going on in your body.  Taking just 10 minutes a day to write down what you’re feeling, thinking, and what you felt in your body that day can help you on your road to optimal health. If a blank journal is overwhelming, try one of the many inspirational journals on the market that may help get you going in a positive direction with thought-provoking questions.