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Public Health Precautions at Rooted

We’ve been getting some questions about our take on the coronavirus (COVID-19) and, like you, we’ve been following the news on it and considering how it effects us at Rooted.

We’d like to reiterate what we already do at Rooted to protect public health and also let you know about some changes we are making. Some of these changes may be temporary. We are paying attention to recommendations and want to do what we can to ensure that Rooted is a safe place for as many as possible.

*If you are immunocompromised check with your doctor or medical provider to find out what their recommendations are for you.

Take Care of Yourself!

Acupuncture is a great resource for supporting the immune system and reducing the effects of stress that take their toll on our bodies. To stay healthy and keep your immune system strong, we also encourage everyone to follow the basic guidelines of self care: get plenty of rest and exercise, drink water, and eat a balanced diet.

Policy on when NOT to come to Rooted

Do not come to Rooted if you or anyone in your home has a fever and/or chills or sweating or are coughing or sneezing uncontrollably. Once your fever or other symptoms that indicate you may be contagious have resolved, you may return to Rooted. If you arrive for your treatment at Rooted with any of these symptoms, we will ask you to come back once you’re better.

Other Steps We Take

Please fold your sheet down over your blankets after your treatment if you were coughing or sneezing during your treatment. We remove and launder these immediately. We invite you to bring your own sheets or blankets if you choose.

We use benzalkonium chloride based hand sanitizers and follow CDC recommendations on hand washing. Here is a list of active ingredients that kills the covid 19 virus. 

We disinfect frequently touched surfaces regularly (door knobs, light switches, sinks, toilets, call bells, etc.)

What’s New

We are requiring patients who are sneezing or have persistent coughs, even if they are mild and not contagious, to wear a mask. If you forget to get a mask or start coughing during your treatment, we will bring you a mask and ask you to put it on. You can use your own or a complimentary mask provided by us. Our masks are NOT N95 rated; they are only intended to prevent droplets from spreading.

Wearing masks in an effort to prevent illness in healthy people has not been shown to be effective. However, if you prefer to wear a mask in a public space such as Rooted with the aim of preventing illness, we ask that you bring your own. We will no longer provide free masks to everyone; only those who are actively coughing or sneezing. We have a limited supply and need to reserve them for those who most need them.

And remember, not all coughs are contagious. People can have chronic coughing from asthma, allergies, general dryness, and other conditions.


Below are some resources on COVID-19:
City of Phoenix Covid 19 Information
Arizona Department of Health Services
Center for Disease Control (CDC)
World Health Organization

We are paying close attention to updates and encourage you stay vigilant in your self-care practices. Common sense and basic cold and flu season hygiene are the best resources at this point, so let’s all give our best effort on those fronts! We appreciate you!

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