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A Bit About Acupuncture and Reiki

A Bit About the History of Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine

The development of East Asian Medicine and its surrounding modalities–including acupuncture– are largely credited to China and the surrounding countries, and is mentioned in texts dated as early as 300 BCE, with archaeological evidence dating back to 1000 BCE. What we know as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) came into being in the 1950’s through declaration of the Chinese Government and though the practice came to the United States with Chinese Migrants working on the transcontinental railroad in the 1860’s, more often than not, however,  credit for its arrival in the US is given to a few doctors from UCLA who popularized acupuncture in the 1970’s.

East Asian Medicine diagnostics does not follow in the same vein as allopathic diagnostics. East Asian Medicine diagnoses and treats in a very holistic way, meaning that while one may present with a specific problem, the whole of the person in all of their complexities are taken into account in developing and implementing a treatment strategy. 

If you want to learn more about East Asian Practices the following are great primers to sink your teeth into, you know, without dropping everything and heading down the path of a four year masters program to become a licensed acupuncturist.

There is also information in our FAQs section

History of Reiki

Mikao Usui was born on August 15, 1865 in Japan. In 1888, while living in Kyoto, he contracted cholera. During his near-death experience he had visions of Mahavairochana Buddha.  From this experience he wanted to know about esoteric healing that derives from Buddha and then to utilize it to help heal all. After speaking with a priest from his temple about his visions, he was run out of the temple, no longer welcome back. Later, he met Shingon Bonze, Watanabe Senior; who saw Usui’s immense spiritual potential. Through Shingon Buddhism, he learned a great deal about healing. While this alienated him from his family, he knew he had to continue his quest for healing others. Usui was passionate about making healing available to all, regardless of their religion and economic class. In the late 1890s, he came across the Tantra of the Lightning Flash, a secret transmission for healing all illnesses of mind, speech and body. Dr. Usui went to Mt. Kurama Yama to meditate on these findings. During the 21 days he spent on Mt. Kurama Yama, he developed the healing modality of Reiki through his spiritual connection.  He first practiced on family and friends. Over the next 20+ years, he spent time healing others in Kyoto, fine tuning his healing methods. In 1921, he opened a Reiki clinic outside of Tokyo. At this clinic he healed many, and attuned others to Reiki so they can heal others as well. One of the people he taught and attuned to Reki was Hawayo Takata. Takata brought Reiki to the United States, as she lived in Hawaii. During her lifetime she taught and attuned 22 Reiki Masters.     

What can Reiki help with?

Reiki focuses on bringing balance to the body, through balanced chakras. The idea being that if the person is in balance through mind, body and spirit, their areas of concern will be healed. Reiki healing energy is a powerful tool to help heal a myriad of mental, spiritual and physical concerns.  

Sliding-Scale Acupuncture and Reiki

Here at Rooted Community both acupuncture and reiki treatments are priced at $30 to $60 for new patients and $20 to $50 for follow up visits. You decide what you feel comfortable paying — every time — no questions asked. You may also choose to have a both modalities in one treatment session, which runs $40 to $70.

Our goal is to make self-care accessible, and our way of doing that is to charge on a sliding scale, allowing YOU to decide how much YOU can afford with each treatment you receive. Come in, get rooted, & be well!

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ASP: Needles-to-Go

Tiny Needles That Can Change Your life….

This 3.4 millimeter gold needle could end years of pain in moments.

ASP ear needles (Aiguille Semi-Permanente) or semi-permanent needles are made in Lyon, France. They were designed by a French physician to stay in the ear for a length of time. Here in the USA, they tend to stay in for 3 to 4 days. In France, it is not uncommon for a doctor to leave them in for a month or more at a time.

ASP ear needles come in three different types of metal; Gold, Stainless Steel (what we use), and Titanium. Rooted has been using these needles with great success to reduce pain, anxiety and relieve PMS symptoms. Saja likes that the needles get “reactivated” every time you get up or move. The only downside is that these needles are quite expensive, so must have an additional cost.

By booking an appointment you are agreeing to our cancellation policy below.


Continue normal activities and avoid over exertion for the initial 6-12 hours after a treatment.

You may bathe or shower with the needles in place, but be careful not to pull the needles when cleaning or drying the ear.  Using a warm blow dryer about 6 inches from the ear will re-activate the needles.

If you remove the needles, or find them when they fall out, dispose of them in a container with a lid.

You may take notes about how you feel, sleep, and your pain level to report back at your next visit.

The needles can remain in your ear for up to seven days, or if they fall out then they are “done.”

Once a day, have a partner or friend check the needles. If any redness or pain develops at the local needle, remove it by twisting clockwise and counter clockwise, while pulling gently.  Removing during/after a warm shower can facilitate needle removal.

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Cancellation Policy

Rooted Community Acupuncture works to make our services available to as many people as possible, and at the most affordable rates. With respect to this goal we ask for 4 hours advance notice if you need to reschedule an appointment. You may cancel or reschedule an appointment by phone or by using our online scheduling system. You may also send us an email or leave us a voicemail if it is outside normal business hours. Please note that there is a $10 cancellation fee for missed appointments or appointments that are cancelled or rescheduled with less than 4 hours notice.  If you have purchased a package, 1 treatment credit will be deducted in lieu of the cancellation fee. Thank you for your understanding.